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Why doesn't my alarm doesn't go off when I reach my location?

Alarm Me uses the location given to it by the device it's operating on. Normally to get an alarm to trigger the phone will need to get a position from the GPS (more details here) receiver on the device, which works best when outdoors or the sky is visible. It's unlikely you'll get an alarm to trigger while underground (e.g. on an underground tube line in London) and we have also found that some train carriages seem to block GPS reception.

How can I check whether I have GPS reception?

One way to check is to run the Google Maps apps, if it's available for your device. The circle shown around your location will give you an idea of how accurate a position is being returned by your device, the bigger the circle the less accurate the position. Another way is to use the app GPS Test (details here) which will show you just about anything you need to know about what's happening with your GPS.

Is there a version without advertisements?

Not at present but let us know if you'd like a paid, ad free version and if enough people want it, we'll do it (Contact us here)

Wouldn't it be great if it could do... ?

Let us know you ideas here but bear in mind the EULA terms, which basically give us the rights to make use of your idea.

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