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Alarm Me is a location based alarm that can be used in a number of different ways. It can  tell you when you have reached a certain location such as a train station or a bus stop, remind you when you are near a supermarket to pick up some milk or be used as an alarm clock to wake you at different times based on where you are.

To save battery power and unwanted alarms you can set alarms to only trigger at certain times and not to trigger at all if you arrive somewhere first. For example you can set an alarm to sound if you arrive at your train station between 10pm and midnight on a weekday but to turn off if you arrive home before that.

Some sample uses:-

  • To alert you just before you arrive at your train station or bus stop. 
  • To remind you to pick up bread or milk when you are near a supermarket.
  • As an alarm clock that will ring at different time depending on where you are.
  • To remind you you should be somewhere else (e.g. if you are still at home when you should be picking the kids up from school)

See our Getting Started Guide here and our FAQ here.

The application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store by clicking here.

Alarm Me Privacy Policy

The Alarm Me application from Gismo Software Limited does not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information.

Contact information is only used for the purpose of sending App Invites and sharing alarms with other application users via Google Services.

Alarm Me uses Google Analytics to collect information about how the application is used.

Alarm Me uses Google Admob to display  advertisements. You can opt out and customise this service via

For more information on Google's privacy policy, please visit the Google Privacy web page via

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy please contact us via our Contact Us page.

Alarm Me Location Picker

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